My name is Laura and I never could have guessed my life would take the turns it has. For 33 years I taught students with disabilities and thought I would be doing that the rest of my life. But recently God has been leading me through new doors during this season of my life. I was fearful to take this step out of my comfort zone, but decided i t was time to trust God and do what makes me happy. Doors may close, but God is faithful to unlock new ones. I am confident that these new skills I am learning will be used in new and exciting ways.   

Take some time to look at the art pieces I have completed and then visit my zazzle account to see products I have designed there as well. You can find a link to my zazzle account on the home page. Happy shopping and God Bless.


If you would like to contact me my email is below.  

I love reusing recycled materials in my art. Currently I am working on a project using old glass tiles taken from a local factory in Mansfield, Ohio. I acquired these tiles before it's demolition. You will see chips in these tiles that add character to each piece. Although the tiles are small the paintings are created using bold colors and intricate details.  I enjoy making  'Little Bitty' art that everyone can afford.